The “More Than A Name” series began in July 2020. The series takes a close look at some of the most famous namesakes in the City of Everett (Schools, Libraries, Parks, etc.) and provides a brief historical background on the person behind the name. Added to regularly, be sure to check back regularly to learn about some of Everett’s finest!


Edward Everett – The namesake of the City of Everett

Frederick E. Parlin – Parlin Library

William and Tabitha Shute – Shute Library

Madeline “Maddy” English – Madeline English School

Sumner Whittier – Sumner Whittier School

George Keverian – George Keverian School and Speaker Keverian Hearing Room

Charles Devens – Devens School

Albert Parlin –  Parlin Junior High School and the Parlin House

Marquis de Lafayette – Lafayette School

Daniel Webster – Webster School

John Adams – Adams School

Saint Anthony – St. Anthony School