Meeting Rooms

To request a meeting room booking, please call Parlin (617-394-2300) or Shute (617-394-2308) at least one week before your desired date to inquire about reserving the meeting rooms. Or, request a reservation online using the links below:

Parlin Meeting Room
Shute Meeting Room

For the full Meeting Room policy, see below:

As a public service, the Parlin Library welcomes the use of its meeting room by groups for gatherings of a civic, cultural, or educational character. Individuals and commercial organizations may not use the room. The use of the meeting room for library programs takes precedence over other uses.

All meetings held in the meeting room are to be open to the public, and no admission fee may be charged. No items may be sold by groups using the meeting room without written permission of the Director.

A group wishing to use the meeting room should submit a request in writing to the Library Director at least a week before the date of the meeting. The Library will supply a request form. The form must be signed by an authorized representative of the group, who assumes responsibility for the conduct of the group while it uses the meeting room. Groups may request a series of dates at a time, but requests for Fall Months (Oct.1 – Jan. 1) will be accepted no earlier than Sept. 1; for Winter (Jan. 1 – May 1) no earlier than Dec. 1 and for Summer (May 31-Sept. 30) no earlier than May 1. The meeting room has a capacity of sixty-four (64) persons. That figure is not to be exceeded at any meeting held in the meeting room.

A group that has received permission to use the meeting room may serve refreshments and may use the kitchen adjoining the meeting room. The group must provide all consumables and is responsible for cleaning the room after use. Alcoholic beverages may not be served in the meeting room, and smoking is not permitted.

A group that has received permission to use the meeting may use the stack chairs and folding tables in the meeting room. The group is responsible for setting up the furniture and returning the furniture to the storage area when the meeting is over. The group is also responsible for replacing any lost or damaged furniture.

All meetings must conclude 15 minutes before the Library’s closing time to allow the staff time to secure the building.

The Library does not restrict the use of the meeting on the basis of the views of groups sponsoring meetings or individual participants in accordance with American Library Association standards as mandated by Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 78 Section 33. The Library does not endorse the views of groups who use the meeting room or individual participants. A group that has received permission to use the meeting room may publicize the location of its meeting but must state the sponsoring organization in printed or broadcast announcements.

Failure to adhere to the above rules will constitute cause for future refusal of permission for use of the meeting room.